Canapés and Sharing Platters

Canapé Selection

Choose a Selection of 2 or 3 Canapés

Roasted red peppers stuffed with cream cheese drizzled in olive oil
A selection of mini quiches
Sun dried tomato & feta cheese bellini
Cream cheese & smoked salmon bellini
King Prawn and chorizo skewer
Pork pie and caramelised onion chutney wedges
Sundried tomato & olive skewer
Mascarpone and asparagus tartlets
Tangy Thai prawns in a lime and chilli sauce
Parma Ham and olive skewers
Sundried tomato, cream cheese and basil cups
Goat’s cheese and pesto bites
Parma ham and cream cheese tartlet

New – Antipasto Skewers; Olives, Salami, Italian Hams and Cheese

A little taste of heaven on a stick!

Canapés are served on silver trays or wooden boards by our team to guests on arrival at your party or event.

We cater for 3 canapés per head on an average serving.

Sharing Platters

Italian Platter

A selection of Italian Meats, olives and feta cheese with crusty bread

Greek Mezze

Tzatziki, hummus, olives and sundried tomatoes, falafel, feta cheese, mixed crusty bread

Yorkshire Platter

Roasted Ham, ploughman’s pickle, chunky bread, mini pickled onions and Wensleydale cheese

All served on wooden boards